I would like to welcome you to the Inaugural Alabama Women’s Conference. This year’s theme is Transformational Leadership: From Vision to Impact. Our goal is to explore the role of women as transformational leaders and champions of positive change in their organization. We will discuss what it takes to be a transformational leader and how women are able to inspire, influence and motivate teams to work effectively towards common goals. As we move toward the future, it is clear that women will be a cornerstone as leaders who inspire others to both achieve extraordinary outcomes and develop their own leadership capacity.

The Alabama Women’s Conference is a citywide event focusing on professional development, community, networking, entrepreneurship and women’s health. It offers women a tremendous opportunity to grow, develop, learn and make connections. Additionally, the conference lends itself to be a statewide dialogue for women in Alabama.

I would also like to thank our speakers for providing their insight and wisdom so our audience can leave equipped to succeed.

Dennis Kennedy
President & Founder
Alabama Women’s Conference

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