I am privileged to welcome you to our inaugural Alabama Women’s Conference. This is an unbelievably exciting year as we launch the Alabama Diversity Council. We could not have chosen a more appropriate event to begin our journey to foster an environment of diversity and inclusion as a Women’s Conference.

There is much work to do in our great state to remain competitive in today’s global economy. Organizations must be innovative and creative if they are to achieve and maintain a diverse workforce. Also we need to actively develop our leaders and encourage employee engagement throughout every entry level of our infrastructure to ensure that our organizational objectives are not merely fulfilled, but exceeded. Achieving these goals requires that businesses constantly strive for change and promote environments of inclusion while educating employees on the importance of these policies.

The Alabama Women’s Conference will afford the women of our communities the opportunity to explore the tools and resources necessary to build diverse workforces and network with other professionals. Our breakout sessions will surely touch on many topics to further the education of our leaders, allowing for an interactive, fun-filled day of nothing but leadership tactics, which surely will transfer to our everyday workplace.

We welcome you and encourage your active participation and interaction with your colleagues and the other great leaders of the community. I feel certain the knowledge you obtain at Alabama Women’s Conference will benefit your personal and professional development. It will also allow you to be an ambassador to your co-workers, managers, and senior leaders, introducing tactics and ideas to promote a diverse and inclusive environment for all.

I would like to thank our sponsors who recognize the value of our Alabama Women’s Conference and who continue to provide financial support to build our newly-formed Alabama Diversity Council. I want to acknowledge our speakers and presenters who have made the commitment to be here and to give their time and talents for the good of our community. Finally, I would like to thank the conference organizers and volunteers who worked diligently to bring you a top-notch conference.

Enjoy the Conference!


Natalie Bickel
Chair, Alabama women’s Conference
Joint Venture Partner, Outback Steakhouse
[email protected]